About the Authors

Tim Wallace (Hawkins) is an enterprising freelance game designer. He did a large portion of the Pathfinder RPG conversion for HEROES OF THE JADE OATH (available here) and was one of the lead designers of the MARTIAL ARTS GUIDEBOOK (preorder here)He also has a series of character sheets that he has designed over the years. (Google+ Twitter)

Adam Frank (Adafr) has been playing games since he was young. He's played Dungeons & Dragons in every incarnation and Pathfinder. He has a great passion for games of all sorts including board games, card games and video games.
He has been designing worlds for games since he was in Junior High School. He has created everything from lush landscapes filled with strange and wondrous creatures to vast and ever expanding cityscapes populated by intrigue, mystery and death. Adam loves to play and DM in all varieties of role playing games. His crowning glories are Psoroth, his D&D and Pathfinder world, and Lucky Strikes, his crazy Excel Saga based BESM world.
Adam's passion has always been games and creating people and places for these games, be it a role playing universe populated by strange and wondrous denizens or board games and seeing the intricacies and interactions of the rules with the players. (Google+ Twitter)

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