Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unearthed Errata: Oathsworn

by Tim Wallace

Here is my conversion of the oathsworn as an archetype for both the core and unchained versions of the monk class. I also created a few new ki powers to mimic a few of the oathsworn class abilities not yet replicated by the unchained monk class.

Ki Powers: The following new ki powers can be taken by any qinggong or unchained monk who meets the prerequisites. Unless otherwise noted, a monk must have attained 4th level to select a ki power below, and a monk cannot select an individual ki power more than once.

Energy Adaptation (Su): A monk with this ki power can spend 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action to gain energy resistance 10 against whichever type of energy he selects: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. Once activated, this ability lasts for 1 minute per monk level. The value of the energy resistance granted increases to 20 points at 7th level, and to a maximum of 30 points at 11th level.
Environmental Adaptation (Ex): As long a monk with this ki power has at least 1 point in his ki pool, he suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment, as the endure elements spell.
Planar Adaptation (Su): A monk with this ki power can spend 3 points from his ki pool as a swift action to gain the effects of the planar adaptation spell. Once activated, this ability lasts for 1 minute per monk level. A monk must be at least 12th level and must possess both the energy adaptation and environmental adaption ki powers before selecting this ki power.

Oathsworn (Monk)
Perhaps the most dedicated and steadfast individuals in all the land, oathsworn pick a task and then set out to accomplish it—no matter what stands in their way. Oathsworn are skilled martial artists and unarmed combatants, and their supernatural devotion to their oath allows them to survive in the most hostile environments.

Oath (Su): At 1st level, an oathsworn disciplines his body to hold more ki by swearing to uphold an oath—a very specific task—he will accomplish in no more than one year’s time. Swearing this oath grants the oathsworn an extra 1 ki point for every monk level he possesses. The oathsworn gains this extra ki even before he gains his ki pool at 4th level. If the oathsworn has at least 1 point of ki, he gains a +2 bonus on all Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Stealth, and Swim. As a swift action, the oathsworn can spend 1 ki point immediately before making an ability or skill check to gain a +4 insight bonus on the check.
Oaths can be singular tasks (destroy the Ebon Pinnacle) or ongoing (keep Suen Ng-hung alive). Ongoing oaths can be renewed at the end of each year. An oath must be something measurable, so the character knows whether it has been fulfilled. If the Ebon Pinnacle still stands after one year, or if Suen Ng-hung dies, the oathsworn who made those oaths clearly failed. If the Ebon Pinnacle lies in ruins or if Suen Ng-hung remains alive at the end of the year (never having died at any point during the year), the oaths were fulfilled and the oathsworn successful.
It is crucial that the player of an oathsworn character work out the details of his oath with the GM. The GM should make sure that the oath does not run counter to the direction of the campaign or prevent the character from taking part in planned adventures.
If the task is not completed within one year, or if conditions arise that indicate the failure of the oath, the oathsworn’s ki pool is reduced to 0 (as if he had spent all of his ki points) and he cannot replenish his pool or use abilities that require ki or a ki pool until he has redeemed himself. Redemption requires he swear an oath again (it can be either the same oath or a new one) accompanied by an atonement spell. After the redemption, the oathsworn’s normal ki pool (without the bonus from the oath or the ability to perform an oath strike) returns. If he upholds the oath for a full month, his ki pool regains the additional points from swearing the oath as well his ability to perform an oath strike.
This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 1st level, the still mind class feature, and alters the ki pool class feature.

Oath Strike (Su): Starting at 16th level, an oathsworn in an endeavor that directly pertains to the fulfillment of his oath, the oathsworn may perform an oathstrike. Using this ability is a standard action that costs 4 ki points, and the oathsworn must announce his intent to use this ability (and spend the ki points) before making the attack roll. The oath strike is resolved as a touch attack that ignores damage reduction (or hardness, if attacking an object).
If the oathsworn is a core monk, this ability replaces quivering palm. If the oathsworn is an unchained monk, this ability replaces the ki power he would gain at 16th level.