Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Forgotten Fable RPG™: Meeka, Dhatura, and the Lich (short fiction)

by Adam Frank

     Meeka and his uekijin friend Dhatura continued to look around the treasury.
     “This?” came the soft yet crisp voice of the ninja.
     “Remember what I told you. Smash it against a wall or something. If it breaks it isn't magical.” Meeka responded, his whiskers twitching. He continued to look around the room his magic detection active. The lich's phylactery had to be around here somewhere but in a room full of trinkets, all of which were magical, it was hard to tell which.
     A loud thud came from the other side of the room. “It broke; guess it’s not magical then.”
     Meeka turned to face the green uekijin showing pleasure on his face, his large black eyes sparkling in the light. “Guess not! Let's keep looking.”
     “This stuff used to be easy didn't it? We never had to look through a room as full of magic as the endless lakes are full of fish.” Meeka chuckled to himself at the thought of the last visit he and Dhatura made to the lakes. They were forced to kill three water elementals who thought the two were there to hunt the fish. One of the three had so many fish swimming in it that Dhatura had mentioned it was more of a fish elemental than a water elemental.
     Meeka continued to scan the piles of jewelry, the cupboards bursting with china and the bookshelves. Almost everything was surrounded in the beautiful aura of magic his spell was showing him. Glancing over at the uekijin Meeka saw a very bright aura indicating a very powerful spell on an item. It was a small onyx ring. Dhatura picked it up and examined it for a moment and threw it with great force onto the floor. Meeka couldn't help it, he laughed. Long and hard after seeing his ninja friend throw a possibly priceless magical item onto the ground like it was rubbish.
     “What?” questioned Dhatura, xis white-tipped red head petal ruffling in an emotion Meeka understood as frustration and annoyance.
     Meeka scurried after the black ring chuckling to himself. “I was looking directly at that one, I could have told you it one was magical.” He picked up the ring and examined it for a bit. “Damn! Not the right item.” It would fetch a hefty sum at the right shops though. He pocketed it for selling it. From behind him came a raspy chuckle, almost a like a clearing of a throat if the performer had no to throat to clear.
     “Damn,” the uekijin swore. Meeka watched as the ninja drew xis weapons two swords with lightning speed.
     The tenjikujin spun pulling free his blade, the green light of the runes emblazoned upon his weapon casting a ghostly light at odds with the torches on the walls. A skeleton, likely about six feet tall stood there, the grin on its face casting an amused look around the room. Orange pinpricks of light in the eye sockets darted between the rune knight and the ninja. The lich put out his hand a thin silver chain falling from it.
     “I believe you are looking for this,” came the raspy voice of the creature “come and get it.” The undead being chuckled, a sound of infinite condescension before the battle that was to come.